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MnG: Hyacinthe Lance Vieux by prince-kane MnG: Hyacinthe Lance Vieux by prince-kane
EDIT 11/14/13 - redrew this little diqqin.

For :iconmizu-no-gakuen:

:iconsparklesplz:"Qurl look at my body." :iconsparklesplz:

My [name]? It's Hyacinthe Lance Vieux !            
Ah, some people  gave me the [nickname] Perce, and Takoyaki-chan calls me Ochinchin :iconlazycryplz:

I'm 17 years of [age]; ALMOST LEGAL OOYEAH.
I'm a  [Sophomore]
Huh ? My [height] ? It's uhh.. 5'10"
Uh my [weight]'s 167lbs                        

Huh? My [level] ? It's intermediate I guess ' c '
Hmm, I guess my [main stroke]'s the Butterfly ! It's majestic ok. Like an eagle taking flight. :iconeagleplz:

I [like] a lot of things--
Getting beat up yeah you heard that right
Cute things
Cotton Candy
Doing 'the dance with no pants' (Takao: He means 'sex') DONT SAY THAT WORD :iconsawbplz:
Singing lame songs for Takoyaki
Singing good songs for Ryo-nii and Xun-tan
FASHION aayeah
Crossdressing (and then flirting with guys)
R18 Mangas. Usually Yaoi but I'm good with anything. Yuri needs more angst though ok
Hanging out in Takoyaki-chan's room
Punching Takoyaki-chan
Throwing people in the river its fun try it
Sad movies

But there are some things are [unacceptable]
Offensive words
Mint Icecream
Mint Chocolate
Cinnamon jesus crust it tastes like satan
Spicy food
Getting angry
Basically anything loud
Scary stories
Horror movies
White vans idk people told me to stay away from it
Ungrateful people

I uhh, my [personality]-- Gee-
I'm a pretty happy, carefree guy! Oh wait I mean, I'm a pretty, happy, carefree guy! HAHA I'm too kawaii. Kya. Okay I'm not usually narcissistic please excuse me.

Hmm. I like being different too ! Going along with the current times ? No. Way. I try to be unique, aight ? Oh and I will never ever ignore a person in need, heck I know what it feels to be helpless and ignored~

I get really nervous around new people, so I tend to stutter at first. But I'll be more open after a short while.

I also gain more confidence when I'm talking to others is easier for me when I'm dressed up as a girl.

I'm confident in my swimming skills (and my looks //cough) but I don't feel confident enough at other things (80% of the time). I'm complicated huh ? weeps

Okay anyway, to summarize it I uhh..
I'm p much a [carefree, optimistic, tolerant, friendly, and a fair person -- I always try to be fair and ummm they say I get scared easily and they say I'm a crybaby :icondesucraiplz: they also say I'm a bit of a airhead ;n; ]
but I get depressed for a while sometimes but my optimism kicks my depression in the butt.
Okay maybe depression wasn't the right term but eh I have my moments.

[When I'm really angry though, I go really really scary and cooooool! Some say I get allllll sadistic and stuff !!] I don't get angry much but its usually when someone hurt my friends, verbally or physically (I'm the only one allowed to punch Takoyaki-chan ok), or if they say too much bad words (I'm used to Takoyaki-chan cursing though so I don't get angry when he does it)
Takoyaki-chan, Ryonii, Akimou-tan and Xun-tan gets me to calm down by giving me sweets :iconjunesplz:

You want me to talk about my [history] oh cOME ON

I was born in France and stayed there til just after kindergarten. Honestly, I don't remember much about the time I spent in France.

Then we moved here to Japan.
With my naturally feminine face and timid nature (plus the fact that I'm shorter than most kids my age,) you can be sure that I got bullied ALOT. Mostly girls bullied me (Because they thought I was a girl too, sighs.) and occasionally some boys but I honestly wouldn't call it bullying, just some teasing I guess ? (Like when boys tease the girl they like- WAIT A MINUTE ARE YOU TELLING ME THEY TEASED ME BECAUSE I WAs A 'GIRL' THEY LIKED?!? HOLY-)

Then I met Takoyaki-chan, Ryo-nii and Akimou-tan ' v '
They help me against the bullies weep- then we got really close !! <3

The bullying continued on, though not as frequent as before. But who cares ? I have my knights :iconsparklesplz:

When I hit 6th grade, we went back to France.

I acted less of the loser I used to be so I wasn't really bullied much in France.
France was boring imo. Idk. I really miss Takoyaki-chan, Ryo-nii and Akimou-tan.
Though while in France, I learned to swim thanks to My older sister Lowell who acted as my instructor. ((Lowell's really scary though))

I went back to Japan just after a year and because I have changed DRASTICALLY, socially and physically, I didn't get bullied again in Junior High.
My former tormentors probably forgot who I was.

Even Takoyaki-chan, Ryo-nii and Akimou-tan didn't recognize me !! Rude ! (Takoyaki-chan was really surprised I was wearing the male uniform...takoyaki-chan....)

And yeah, since I learned 'the art of fashion', I gained a bit of popularity in school, ESPECIALLY among the ladies (Much to Takoyaki-chan's jealousy hehehe)
What can I say ? I'm a kawaii motherfather

I also attended a summer camp and met my other best friend, Xun-tan, EEEE he's such a sweetie you don't understand.
And yeah we

I started getting better and better in swimming so I joined some competitions, I won and lost.
But that's not enoughhhhh ~! I wanna get even better ! I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST
LIKE NO ONE EVER WASSSS. But yeah really, I wanted to be so good in swimming that I could, you know, maybe try for the Olympics.. ?

So yeah I enrolled in Mizu no Gakuen with Takoyaki-chan, Xun-tan, Akimou-tan and Ryonii !!

[So far I've met-]
[Takoyaki-chan / Takao Miyazaki] - I have a mancrush on him goodbye [childhood friend]
[Ryonii / Ryota Kitajima] - Ahh Ryonii is so cool ! [childhood friend]
[Xun-tan / Xun Luo] - Xun-tan you kawaii donut <3 [summer camp friend who he experimented with]
[Akimou-tan/ Akira Okazaki] - kouhai-tan WHO'S TALLER THAN ME :C [childhood friend]

[Oh yeah I forgot to add]
<:bulletyellow:> I have a younger brother, Quinn, 14 years old and an older sister, Lowell, 20 years old.
<:bulletred:> Takoyaki, Ryo-nii, Xun-tan, Akimou-tan and I are actually neighbors
<:bulletyellow:> It's thanks to Lowell-nee that I changed, she attended military school and trained me to act less feminine (by making me go up to girls and flirt, ask them out, carry bags of rice, run around half-naked during winter, etc etc..) and she studied the latest male fashion trends so she can buy clothes for me ! She's scary but she's really nice inside all that scariness. Thanks to her I became the popular stud that I am ;') . Takoyaki-chan you could train under her, and maybe then you can (finally) get laid ?
<:bulletred:> I used to have low pain tolerance but my sister fixed that for me, now I've got higher pain tolerance than most people.
<:bulletyellow:> I'm naturally strong, so you can all feel sorry for the people who I have a habit of punching.
<:bulletred:> I guess I'm suited for street fights (Strength, pain tolerance/stamina, speed.) but I don't want to seriously injure someone unless they've hurt one of my friends.
<:bulletyellow:> I've never fallen in love for reals. Mostly one-night stands if not a month-old relationship.
<:bulletred:> I learned Takoyaki-chan never knew I was a guy until Junior High. Oh Takoyaki-chan.
<:bulletblack:> (MORE TBA)<:bulletblack:>

<< Headcanon voice for Hyacinthe is Ahn Jaehyo from Block B [ 3:05 - 3:09 ]… >>
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i wonder why they don't have robin in the movies robin's a cute
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SHUUR0U Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
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reincarnationz Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Student General Artist
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